If you’re into the new school of soul in any way shape or form, then you will have heard of Australian singer songwriter Jordan Rakei. Rakei has released a slew of critically acclaimed albums and tracks. 2014’s Groove Curse and 2016’s masterpiece Cloak showed someone who had songwriting talent by the shed load, a subtle turn of production and a breathtaking set of pipes to deliver it all with.

This week Rakei has revealed a more dance driven alter ego Dan Kye. Not only that news to cheer you, but he’s also releasing his first EP Joy, Ease, Lightness under this new moniker on my favourite Peckham based record label Rhythm Section. ‘Like You Wanna’ is just a perfect dancefloor track; upbeat, jamming with heaps of percussion. ‘Tolle’ is just beautiful, unadulterated disco house. More please Mr Kye…

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