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  1. Nick

    Hi guys are you going to be doing the clic Sargent event at the Union chapel this year as I have been going for the last couple of years and I was really looking forward to it

  2. Isaac

    What’s happened to the Monday Digest? Absolutely loved the two editions that were put out.

  3. Dalia

    Hey guys,
    Absolutely love your sessions, I was wondering if you are working with or will work with Andreas Moe in the future? He’s such an amazing talent, would love to see him featured on your channel.
    Many thanks!

  4. Dean

    Mahogany has become the first place I go to for music now. It’s absolutely fantastic. But I will–I must–say, that my favorite kind of music, the blues, is sadly under-represented. It shares a spot with jazz in the genre list, and even then most examples tend to be soul, r&b, or hip-hop blends (albeit fantastic songs as well!)

    I mean, honestly, the blues is somewhat under-represented today, period. But dear god would I love to hear some sweet indie blues making its way here one day. Really, I’d love to be a part of that indie blue revival.

    But for now: I hope if the chance arises, some great blues will soon be a part of Mahogany’s fantastic collection.

  5. Alice

    Hi there,

    I thought that the last time I checked the Mahogany website I think it mentioned that work experience/internship placements would be opening up in later on this year, probably in the summertime. Since the website change, I can’t find this information, and I was just wondering if this was still going ahead and if I could get some more information about that or any potential work experience with you? Thanks!


  6. Greg

    Why is your channel blocked for users in Germany (Berlin to be specific)? You guys were my main source of music!!

  7. non native

    we are in Tokyo this is our song about dublin ireland

    • steven candlen

      Cool style guys…:)

  8. New=Breed

    I love this websites.

  9. Sergio

    I wanted to know if you are supposed to have any response after submitting a song via e-mail?? anyone?

  10. Tom

    It would be great to see German singer/songwriter Prince Damien featured on your website.

  11. Jarell Ebuka

    I really love Mahogany Sessions and what they do for artists, I’ve always dreamed of getting featured on their channel. keep up the good music guys 🙂

  12. Matt Green

    Hey guys, was wondering if you had an email for that I could use to see if I can get some work experience with you guys. Please let me know x

  13. Ollie

    I’m sure you get enough of these types of messages, so I do apologise! I found out about Vicktor Taiwo through your liked videos playlist on YouTube a while back – would be great to see him doing a session with you guys at some point. Would certainly help spread the name of a hugely talented (and relatively unknown) artist.


  14. emilia

    ’ve been a big fan of your blog and music suggestions for a while, and was curious if you’ve ever come across more info on a UK band called r00ms? A friend sent me the below link to their latest last week, and it was the first I’d heard of them. Really love so far, especially “promises” and their whole mix its different – so would be interested in learning more about them if you guys happened to know?


  15. Everardo

    Beautiful people
    Beautiful Artists
    So grateful to be listening.

    Thank you for being around

  16. Bella

    First of all, thank you of being an amazing channel, and showcasing brilliantly talented individuals. Speaking of which, there’s a new girl on youtube. Her name is Jacye…. My God her voice is incredible! It would be awesome if you could feature her. Take a listen…

    Hope to see her soon. 🙂

  17. Prateek Nadkarni

    I’ve been consistently listening to the Mahogany Sessions for about 3 years now and it has been my favourite place to discover new music, so I’m a huge fan! I’d love to get some experience working for you guys either here in America for your new US branch or even in England with you guys over the summer. I know the deadline for your internship application has passed, but if I could get an email to contact someone, it would be great! Thank you x

  18. Ruard

    Hey guys,

    is it possible to buy one of the mp3 formats from the songs that are available on this site? I would really like to buy Alex Vargas “Solid Ground” (your version, because album version I already have acquired). Is this possible?

    with regards,

  19. Marlene Hocke

    Hi, I discovered your website a few months ago and listen to your music regularly and I like to discover new artists.
    Is there a possibility for a young artist to be considered for a mahogany session ?
    Here is a link to her youtube channel :

    Thank you for reading and listening.
    Kind regards,

  20. Ivo

    Hi everyone and Mahogany

    My favourite Mahogany session of all time was posted as “The Mahogany Podcast // Volume 1”, back in october 2012 on Soundcloud. One day it was gone. Is there any way to find the session or a playlist?

    Huge thanks for helping!

  21. Jasmine Moksha

    Hey guys! I would love to perform for the Mahogany Sessions. I’m from the UK originally, and have finally found my way back. I’ll be here for a few weeks– I sent in a video submission but I’m not sure how long that process takes. I’m really passionate about my art and I think the sessions are a beautiful platform. Is there any way to expedite the process?

  22. Amanda Joy

    My name is Amanda Joy. I’m a 17-year-old folk singer/songwriter from Norway. This is by far my favourite channel on YouTube, and I adore finding new artists to listen to on the daily. I write and record music like the artists featured in your visually and audibly STUNNING sessions. Thank you so much for sharing these hidden treasures with the community. I feel as if my music fits image of what you wish to represent.

    Here is a link to my BandCamp page:

    Thanks so much!

  23. Alison Haigh

    Hey Mahogany!

    I’ve been listening to your Youtube channel for almost 2.5 years now, and my music taste will never be the same. There’s nothing like great, raw, live music.

    As a fan I would really dig seeing some Mahogany Sessions merchandise! I’m sure other listeners would dig a hoodie, mugs, or maybe some albums. Just a suggestion to generate a little extra patronage 🙂

    Thanks for bringing great music to our ears!


  24. Jake Evans

    Hi Mahogany,

    I would really like a way to buy a CD of certain Mahogany Sessions songs. If I could pick and choose which songs I want (say 10 of them and pay 8.99) I would love to do this.

  25. John

    Nice website! That is all. =)



  26. cg

    You are a gift. I am happy to have discovered you today. x

  27. Marietta

    Hi guys, I’d love to listen to your music directly through your website rather than youtube or spotify. But the shuffler link does not work for me! Is there any country restriction on it or has everyone that problem? I am only getting a “Problem loading page” error. Please please fix, I would love to enjoy more music through your site! Cheers

  28. Ryan Oat'Meal

    Hey Rosetta! is an incredible indie band from my home of Newfoundland, Canada, known for explosive, passionate performances and I think it would be absolutely magical to see them on one of your sessions.

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