Mahogany began back in February of 2009 as The Mahogany Blog.

We had a simple mission that was to ‘deliver great music to your ears and eyes, as often as possible’, and off we went.

A year later in the summer of 2010, we saw a great opportunity to expand our mission and start capturing our own video content from bands we love, and launched The Mahogany Sessions. Through blood, sweat and tears we have filmed over 400 videos and become one of the most popular independent music platforms in the world.

In 2013 we begun staging live shows in London where the likes of George Ezra, James Bay, Liam Bailey, Delilah, Maverick Sabre, Newton Faulkner, Michael Kiwanuka, Lucy Rose, Natty, Rhodes, Slow Club, Leo Stannard, Luke Sital Singh and many more have performed.

In the same year, the Mahogany Blog website became slow, buggy and a frustrating experience for our visitors so we took it offline and continued to share music via The Mahogany Sessions and through our Facebook and Twitter pages. This year we spent months on the new website and we’re very proud and happy to have a platform we can share together again.

This is a platform to discover, share and talk about great music. It’s open to everyone, of all ages and of any background.

We are Mahogany, but in so many ways, You are Mahogany as well x

  1. lily

    Alex Vargas is my favourite session hope you invite him again

    • Mark Murdoch

      We still have a second Mahogany Session to come!

  2. Caroline

    Mahogany sessions is life.
    Wish i could work at mahogany sessions one day. 🙂 x

  3. Aurora

    Thank you guys for delivering all these great videos, I´ve discovered amazing performances and artists because of your sessions! I just wanted to encourage you guys to keep up the good work, All the best from Spain!

  4. sneha

    Loved your videos. Hope you keep on recording more sessions. Thank you so much!

  5. Eric E.

    A beautiful thing has been created here.

  6. Hennessy

    Seriously love you guys

    • Lettie

      This is just the pecrfet answer for all of us

  7. Olivia

    You guys have introduced me to some Amazing artists!!! Your videos don’t only sound beautiful, but they are so extremely visually pleasing!! I was wondering what you guys use to shoot your videos?

  8. Martina

    Guys you’re great!
    In love with jack savoretti!!

  9. Sandra Bone

    Great news about Mahogany Australia!!

  10. Sandra

    Great news about Mahogany Australia!!

  11. Kyle Gruber

    LOVE your guys videos! I watch one every time one comes out. I love discovering the fantastic new artists you guys have to offer. Keep it Up!

  12. Gustav

    I am so happy I discovered your sessions!

    • Janay

      Geez, that’s unaiveelbble. Kudos and such.

  13. Camila


  14. AMY

    Thank you for the great music! I’m with you!

  15. Molly Erickson

    Do you have a contact for employment opportunities?

  16. Banjo Fitz

    how do you go about getting into the mahogany sessions? I have videos and audio on my Youtube account if that needs to be looked at.

  17. Chapatikid

    Above and Beyond led me to Alex Vargas, led me to your YouTube channel, led me to Rukhsana Merrise, led me to your website. What enchanted forest of glorious music am I now lost in? It’s wonderful. It’s marvellous, that you should care for listeners like me.

  18. Lisa

    Love your style! Good luck 2016!

  19. Rene´A. Rauser

    Good Music from new comers… like it… go on like this!

  20. Rene´A. Rauser

    Follow you…

  21. Bella

    So, there’s a brilliant girl on youtube named Jacye… she has a beautiful voice and i think it would work well on your page, very textured. I’ll post the link to one of my favorites, check it out, its definitely worth the listen. Also, thank you for being an awesome page…


    Hope to see her soon

  22. Brandon

    You guys should make a spotify playlist!

    • Adele

      We need more inihtsgs like this in this thread.

  23. Rob

    Any jobs at mahogany sessions up for grabs!!?

  24. Alan M.

    I would love to see Dr. Dog in your channel!!

    • Genevieve

      A wonderful job. Super helpful ininomatfro.

  25. Charles

    mahogany sessions, 17yo from NZ here – just wanted to let you know that there are many people of all ages from all around the world who enjoy what you create for us!! Keep it up!!

  26. Juan Andrés Ferrero Posada

    What a beautiful website. You inspire me because I also want to start a music blog. Congrats and keep it all up!

  27. Brock B

    You guys are most of what I listen to anymore. Always wondered, how do you get people to go on your sessions?
    Haha, I always love your stuff.

  28. RoUru

    Thanks to u, Mahogany Session inspire me.

    • Indy

      I love clothes and other stuff from carboots but never meat! I am so inspired by the befatiuul prints on your maxi dresses, I have decided to find myself one in ebay.

      • Lenna

        yo lecocino un unos 5 minutos al camaron y reservo un poco de esa agua para mezclar con todos los demas ingedrientes que nos indicaste. Pero hay que tener cuidado de que ls camarones no se cocinen demasiado

  29. Jack

    Hello, I’m a teenage/aspiring musician from the United States. I stumbled across your Youtube channel around this time last year, and my life hasn’t been the same. I am still a student, but you guys cut down the time it took me to find lovely music (thus increasing the time I actually studied.) I absolutely adore what you guys do. I would be incredibly honored to work with you someday, but if not, I would be content just listening to your fantastic sessions. Thank you!

    • Jodi

      C’est une opération (gratuit seul sur le Net) que je réalise depuis un an avec plus de 500 000 visiteurs à ce jour. Pour le papier, on me dit encore que c’est trop ri©&sÃuq#8230;

  30. Savannah

    What camera/equipment is used to film your videos? Especially, how do you get good sound quality?

    • Margery

      DavidHey Davey Wavey..Good Morning!I guess I am not paaiiciprttng..and since your message is on here today..Sunday morning..you don’t seem to be either..Oh well!..guess there is always next year..hehehe!Love “your” David

      • Tangela

        Wow! It really did work well on hiding your pimple. This sounds like a great short term remedy. I will let my daughter try this out. She usually exeecipnres some breakouts.

  31. Cécile

    Hi Mahogany crew!

    It’s always a pleasure to discover bunch of new artists who surf on this amazing music world. At the same way, let me introduce you one of my Aussie musician discovery…Daniel Champagne…with his guitar, he have a such of great talent! Hope one day, you could grap him !

    from a Mahogany member x

    • Nettie

      Hi Terry,Sorry you are having problems. Can you explain what happens when you try follow the previous steps? You can email me directly, if you want, at . We’ll get it figured ouaekhtnTs,H.idi

  32. Lulu

    Guys, you’re truly amazing. Not only great music for our ears, but the choice of the locations is stunning. Every place is special and perfectly shaped for the artist and the performance, it’s delightfully well matched and it’s so great to know that you do this for us.

    Thanks a lot

    • Brandice

      Henry, do you actually go grubbing round the internet to find so much of what you like (notice one commenter referred to osama obama and spoke about real americans), or, do you secretly go around writing them yofulesr????Atlas Shrugged, wasn’t that the well known atheist Ayn Rand?

    • Nelda

      When you think about it, that’s got to be the right anrswe.

  33. Mervi Merv

    How I wish we had such a platform here in South Africa. I honestly love everything that your brand does, it’s more than just amazing music but great scenery… Simply amazing

  34. Anonymous

    • Della

      10eMmmmmm, qué tortas más ricas! Las tengo en pendientes desde que las vi en Wildyeast hace ya bastante y luego me olvidé, gracias por rerÃÂdoƒr¡cmelas. Me parecen una golosina fantástica, y ya me dieron unos antojos increíbles. Qué fotos nena!!un besote,32

  35. Saqib Abraham

    Why i cant sing over Mahogany session
    I am wanna express my self

    • Kamryn

      A simple and inllitegent point, well made. Thanks!

  36. Victoria Palermo

    I love the concept of Mahogany Sessions. Acoustic versions usually are the best and the most touching ones.

    Darkest Hour, from Charlotte OC is one of my favorites!

    • Crissy

      Cainllg all cars, calling all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

  37. Pancheliuga O

    Today I discovered Mahogany. Its amazing

    • Bobbie

      Haben auf jeden Fall eine schöne Auswahl an Smileys im Repartoir. Allerdings frage ich mich wo deren Buioenssmsdell ist, denn Werbung sehe ich auf der Seite auch nicht eingeblendet. Naja who cares auf jeden Fall ein guter Ort um ein paar Sternchen zu suchen

  38. Fernanda

    Trough Mahogany Sessions I’ve found some of the most amazing songs ever. Thank you so much. You guys do such a great project, congratulations.

    • Kierra

      That’s a smart way of thniking about it.

  39. Anonymous

    Just found this site today. What you guys are doing is great!

  40. Talia Velasco

    I just want to say I listen to Mahogany sessions a lot and wanted to say thank you to all of you for your inspiration for myself to get back into music! Big love to all

  41. Gabby

    You guys should really get AnnenMayKantereit on here!

  42. Anonymous


    I was in Vegas for four days by myself & found some live streaming Mahogany
    on the TV while trying to get some sleep . ..hooked ever since A

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